Show Winter Dryness Who’s Boss With Up to 20% Off Nivea Products at Amazon

Up to 20% Off Select Nivea Products | Amazon

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re approaching what would be known as the dog days of winter, were the dog days of summer not so named for their occurring when Sirius, the dog star, reaches its heliacal peak. Why Sirius is known as the dog star is a history for another deal. This lede really got away from me, so I’ll just say that right now, you could be fighting winter dryness with up to 20% off select Nivea products at Amazon. Amazon is offering a Nivea Breathable Lightly Scented Lotion 3-Pack for just $20, as well as a Skin Firming Variety Pack that includes one lotion and one gel for $17. If you’re all set on creams, you may want to load up on their lip balm sales; a 4-pack of strawberry is down to just $9, and that’s not the only flavor on offer. Folks, go get smooth. You’ve earned it.

Источник: Lifehacker