Samsung Unveiled a New Portable Projector for On-the-Go Cinema-Quality Experiences

Samsung Frestyle Projector | $900 | Samsung

CES is this week and we’ve been seeing all sorts of new stuff from the tech giants out there. One of the standouts to just be announced is the Freestyle—a flexible projector from Samsung designed for taking cinema-quality entertainment on the go. Samsung has some existing projectors in the lineup, but those are in the several thousand dollar range. The Freestyle is tailored to a much more versatile experience for a broader range of users. It can certainly be the replacement for a TV in your spare room or be taken outside for an impromptu outdoor movie night. You can enjoy visuals on any surface spanning up to 100". Most impressive are the automatic alignment capabilities of autofocus, auto-leveling, and auto-keystone. It seems to be an actual plug-and-play experience with little to no setup required.

The Freestyle will be available on Monday, January 24, 2022 for $900. Pre-orders will come with a free case to make the portability argument even stronger ($60 value).

Источник: Lifehacker