Pick Up This L’Oreal Serum for $11 at Amazon Because Pricey Skincare Is So Last Year

L’Oreal Paris Skincare Face Serum | $11 | Amazon

Hear ye, hear ye: The age of expensive and complicated skin care routines is over. Affordable and simple skincare is in. On that note, you’ll want to grab L’Oreal Paris Skincare Face Serum at Amazon, where it’s down to $11 from its usual $24. Described as an “anti-aging dark spot corrector,” this daily serum includes soothing aloe and is dermatologist-approved to treat uneven skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and more. Apply a little bit to your face and neck every evening, and see results in as little as two weeks. (Your skin should be clean for the serum to be its most effective.) Also, heads up: While the glycolic acid ingredient isn’t the exact same as retinol, you’ll still definitely want to put on SPF the morning after use. But you care about your skin, so you have that anyway, right?

Источник: Lifehacker