Install the Perfect Fitness Pull Up Bar and Be Reminded of How Often You Don’t Use It for Just $26

Perfect Fitness Pull Up Bar | $26 | Amazon

2022 is here, and there’s nothing like facing another pandemic winter that makes you want to just get jacked to defeat the coronavirus. That’s not how illness works, but it is how optimism does. So go ahead and install that Perfect Fitness Pull Up Bar in literally every doorway of your house. It’s 25% off at Amazon, which drops the price down to $26. It’s secure and easy to use, and also ... does not require installation. It’s 100% portable, which means you can pop it up for pull-ups and bring it back down for sit-ups and other reps of that nature. Look, owning it is the first step on your fitness journey. Actually using it is the second. But it’s so simple, it probably won’t languish in your basement or garage for the next few years to come. Probably.

Источник: Lifehacker