Get This Gaiam Reversible Yoga Mat for $25 and Commit to That Yoga With Adriene Challenge Already

Gaiam Reversible Yoga Mat | $25 | Amazon

Top of the year to ya! You’ve had the weekend, you gave yourself a Monday extension, and now ... it’s here. The day you dreamed of. The day your new fitness routine begins. So queue up an easy flow with Yogi Adriene and Benji, unroll your mat, and get going. Oh, you don’t have a mat? Then pick up this Gaiam Reversible Yoga Mat with a metallic sun and moon design on it for 27% off at Amazon, and get flowin’. It’s thick, non-slip, and even reversible, so it’s kind of like getting two mats for $25. Also, let’s be honest: You needed a new one anyway. Why not a sparkly one for your shiny new practice?

Источник: Lifehacker